CurlPop Policies 

I value everyone and our  commitment to creating a great experience for both our guest and myself . The following list are our Policies for when booking your CurlPop experience. 



Hair Cleanliness 


⚫️ Cleanse and detangle 

⚫️Very little product on hair 

⚫️Wet hair is a NO

⚫️Hair cannot be more than 2 day old hair (fee will be added if hair is more than 2 days and unwashed )




Hair Style


⚫️Hair must be dry

⚫️Very little products

⚫️Hair must be in natural state (extra fee for blown dried hair )

⚫️Braid downs must be done prior to CurlPop Service 




Service Policies 


⚫️A Non refundable 50% deposit For service is required 

⚫️Rescheduling  requires a 72hr notice 

⚫️Service may take more than 3hr. Depending on hair status 

⚫️Cut fees do not include color