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Aleisbel Vázquez (CURLPOP)

Who are you and what is your name?

They call me Curlpop  and I have Curly hair.  I was born with tons of curly hair, it must be my background. I am a mixture of African,Corsican ,Portuguese and Spain however both my parents are native to the Island of Puerto Rico. i love my curls and everyone else with curly hair. Did I always love it?  Well I am not sure but what I am sure about is that I started living the day that I discovered my curly hair. I have traveled because of it, I have met amazing people and have been part of amazing moments because of it. Have looked at the world thru the lenses of a Curly girl oh and thru the lenses of a camera. I have made a living out of it. Working on editorial sets, creating stories for companies shooting gorgeous models and  even launching products for curly hair, being a spokes person and a sharer of curl information. I have definitely enjoyed the world  of curls . I had found love.

How did you get started in the Curly World?

I became a licensed cosmetologist in 2000. In 2004 I started taking the hair world serious and I was working at a salon in New Milford, Ct called Joes Salon and Spa.  By 2006 I had become part of Redken 5th ave as a Redken Artist. I was traveling for them at the time in the US and also outside of the US while I was teaching and working on runways, editorial shoots, covers for magazines and shows. Every time I was on stage teaching or in front of a crowd, I wore my hair curly. It’s the only way I felt confident about myself. In my career with Redken, someone must have noticed that I knew how to work with curly hair. It could possibly have been because I was great at straightening curly hair. As my career progressed in 2010, I was approach to lead a new launch that we would all be so excited over--a curly product called Curvaceous.

I began to study curly hair but more than just hair I decided to get to know the lifestyle. What was the curl community talking about? What was in the center of their conversations? From products, natural methods, haircuts, color, trends, frizz, no frizz, shampoos no shampoos, wash everyday don’t wash everyday, to control or not to control, no tools, no heat the music curly girls listen to and the clothes they were rocking not to forget the hangouts spots. I mean, the list went on and on and on. Indeed, it was the culture. I needed to catch up, and I needed to do it quickly. As timed progressed I became known for working in the curl world.   In 2014 while in a model and representing Redken 5th ave. I was  preparing some models for NAHA a big hair awards show in the beauty industry that recognizes the talents of hairdressers, the CEO of DevaCurl haircare  company came into the room  and little did I know  my career would change in that very same moment . I was recruited by DevaCurl to become their first Artistic Director. It was a great opportunity for many reasons but mainly because it was a company that only concentrates on curly hair. With them I create products,lead photo shoots artistically , creating beautiful hair imagery for the launches of SuperCream coconut Curl Styler , No poo and Onecondition Decadence, worked with editors and educated other stylist.


What are you up to now?

As my journey continued I was discovering things about myself. I discovered that along with living this fabulous curl life to truly have my creativity flourish I needed to go out on my own. I started to revisit a thought that has always been back of my mind and would creep up on  me quite often.  The idea of being independent from all companies . At first the idea of going independent was intimidating . This whole time while I was directing at work my life was redirecting. However as intimidating as it was during my entire career I had cultivated  a support system that included friends , family and people who believe in my heart and in my goals and dreams. Something I think everyone needs in this world.  i then started to think that It was time for CURLPOP World  to come to life. I can proudly say I am officially a business owner  .

What does Curlpop World actually do?

Its a world with a culture full of Intent and purpose a responsibility to impacting with positiveness in this environment we call social space . I get to do all of this through the art of hair a camera and social media.  Like every umbrella has a skeleton that holds it together the same happens in CurlPop World: Beauty/hair education, photo shoots, inspirational thoughts, product knowledge ,truth from a person that lives the curl world,travels, educational videos, trends, techniques, live seminars and public speaking about the Curl and Natural world. if you are in the professional side of the curly world or you are a curly girl , we have got your back! 

What is your belief system for 

I believe that loving yourself doesn't mean accepting yourself , what it truly means , is that you celebrate every part of your being and when you zero in on the part that makes your life extra special you share it. You share it so that you can inspire someone else to discover what part of them is oh so extra special  as well , so that they inspire others to do the same.  I believe that If we live by this formula then we create a world of people that are truly happy and excited for who they are.

"On this site you will experience many things with me. I look at the world that I am so blessed to hold space on, thru the eyes of a girl born from different backgrounds  , with Curly hair,  someone who looks at it thru a camera lens and editorial setting  to tell stories and an open heart of receiving and sharing knowledge. So please enjoy this journey with me as I would love to enjoy yours as well"

 xxoo Isabella Vázquez



Isabella Vázquez