Curls before bed

“Do you pineapple your hair?” My answer is yes!! But believe it or not when you have a bob haircut length, pulling the hair into one pony tail won’t be so easy on the curls. The hair may stretch a bit to much or disruption of the curls may occur . Here is one of my #curlhacks : if you have long hair curls 1 ponytail (pineapple) will work , if you have collar bone to chin length curls 2 pony tails (pineapples) work best and if your hair is really short NO pony tails or pineapple that’s a job for a head scarf! Here is what I do on my own hair. On the side where most of my curls are directed toward , I place a front pineapple and the side with least a mount of curls with a ponytail that sits to the side and slightly behind front ponytail. This allows the hair to fall exactly where I want it to fall in the mornings .