5 things you must know when using a curling iron

I was so obsessed with all the looks I was able to create with @bumbleandbumble #curlproducts , I had to try one last look. So here is my #confessionsofacurlygirl before we go any further. Yes, I used a curling iron 😱🔥🔥 lol I have heard thru out my curl career how awful heat is to the curls and while that holds truth sometimes, it does not hold truth all the time. Here's the thing. Anything in exaggeration is exaggeration . What I am saying is that if you apply heat on the hair or curls constantly and for long periods of time with lack of proper understanding of how to use heat, of course it's going to fry your hair, just like their is such thing as drowning your hair and yet we try to use as much moisture as we can. While moisture helps us we can over do it and thankfully with all the knowledge that's out there we have been able to use it in its beneficial ways. Same with a curling iron . It's about knowing how to use it. Here is something to keep in mind that will help: when you are using a curling iron and you already have #naturalcurlsyour not curling to create a curl that is already in existence. All you are doing is smoothing out a #curltexture . It's OK to do that once in a while that's called having #curlsatility . If you are reading this and have a certain type of feeling all I can say is " We have to give ourselves permission to have fun with our curls" that's the magic we hold. The ability to switch it up and tell a #curlstoryeveryday. It's our #curlright to our #curlexpression it's what makes up a big portion of our #curlstory. Before you try it out here are 5 things that will help keep your hair healthy and from loosing it's elasticity when using a curling iron.


1. Never use a curling iron on wet hair. Be aware that even if you start from dry curls and you apply a curl product or spray anything on your hair, this is considered wet and applying heat will affect the hair.

2. Use a wand and if you have a regular curling iron just remove the clamp portion of it. Using a clamp will create to much heat and the only time you need that much heat is when your creating a curl and since we are not creating a curl just smoothing the curl texture , you don't need the clamp.

3. The curl already exist so you will not need 60 seconds , all you need is just about 10 seconds of heat to smooth out the curl. Wind curl on curling iron and and release. Don't touch the curls, allow for them to cool down

4. A great foundation. Use moisturizing cleansing products, apply a cream with an oil and let hair air dry completely .

5. Have fun with it!!!