Oh BounceCurl how much I love you let me count the ways …………… 1,2 skip a few 99 , almost 100.


  Last year I was surfing thru pictures on instagram for inspiritation. I was getting ready for a photo shoot and needed some good ole inspo.  I came across the picture of one of the most beautiful head of curls I have seen on insta.

There she was long dark beautiful shiny curls.  Incase you are wondering the insta handle picture that I am talking about well I’ll tell you . It belongs to @Mismmo the founder and Owner of BounceCurl .

 Quickly I had started to do my research on what BounceCurl was all about. Of course I listed her as one of the curly products to watch out for in 2016. Yet I had not tried it. I based my listing this product  off of a quick instagram convo I had with Mismmo. Her energy was inspiring Especially when its felt thru words written on a platform where hundreds maybe thousands of girls are constantly trying to breakthrough.

   As time went on I had plenty of oppurtunities to actually try this BounceCurl product, yet I didn’t feel it was the right time for our love affair to begin. I was in a committed relationship with another product that I had been testing for quite sometime and was not ready  to jump into or even be open to trying it out.

  See trying Curly products for me is like trying out a relationship. It has the same exact elements of a love affair.


   Do I want to get to know you? Will this product give me the commitment I am looking for out of our relationship? I mean will it love my curls and show my curls love? Will it respect my not so happy curl days?  Can I trust it to make me feel safe and pretty on days that I feel weird and ugly? Can I sleep with it I mean lets be real will it love me for days maybe 3 or 4 days in a row before I need a hair break (for those who don’t get it a shampoo or hairwash day) or will we be a one night stand where I look in the mirror the next morning and hate you for what you couldn’t do for my curls?  Cause I don’t do one night stands  that’s not my kind of product relationship. Yes we are still talking curls ………

   Well like most curly girls I took the plunge. I accepted to receive this product in my mail pop box. As I waited a few days anxiously for it to arrive, I researched it some more. I saw many many post of wavy to soft curl pictures with captions saying “I love this product” or “This product has changed my life” but not many of those girls had stronger curl textures.


   I was even more anxious because of that. I wanted to know if this product had what it takes to run with the big curls in the texture and curl world.

   Finally the day was here. There it was a small white box big enough to fit an 8oz bottle. I quikly opened it.


  First I took a good look at the package. That’s important for me. A great package has to inspire me . It has to say “please pick me up and use me I promise I’ll be good to you.” Then I took a look at the brand name on the bottle and the product name. These things are important because both names will make it easier on the consumer to A. be attracted to the product and B. choose wisely. I followed it by descriptions, instructions, what it doesn’t have and very very important what it smells like. I know you are waiting for me to say what I really felt about the above questions however lets take a detour and I promise I will give you honesty as to how I felt about all of the above.


   The performance:  It was time to test the product out. From what I had been reading BounceCurl is applied on the hair after you have cleansed and condition and have left all the other products you normally would use on your hair, making BounceCurl your last product to apply.  Because I have a career background in testing and helping create products I knew that was not the way I wanted to test this product out. I wanted to apply it on my hair and see what it does.

  The product is a soft gel like material with translucent white color. I don’t section my hair to apply product so I am going to say I massaged a quarter size amount on my left side and another on the right side, making sure that the curls felt saturated . Next I shook my curls and let them air dry for about 20 mins , put on some make up and then dried the curls  with out a diffuser or a nozzle.  I am not one for complicated methods , I will talk on them if I have to but I like things simplified and very effective and down to the point. 

 Love at first Dry. As soon as my hair was dryed I fell head over heals in love with BounceCurl. Its ability to create a structure barrier around my curls so that not even heat would disrupt it was unbelievable. Our connection, love and  respect had begun.


  Now the true testament would come from sleeping together. Yes there it was our first night,  I left BounceCurl in my hair and went to bed. I didn’t even protect it by pinappleling my curls.  When I woke up the next morning I was a little nervouse to look in the mirror but I had to, It was the only way I could see if we would be a match or not. I was shocked to see that my curls were still in tact.

   WHAT THE????? What is in this stuff and why do my curls look so good? Thats when I decided lets do another day and another night and see how it goes. Well, 2, 3 and 4 nights later my hair went from amazing curls to amazing unapologetically curly hair . I kept falling in love every morning.


Take a look at these pictures the proof is in it.


   I got in contact with  Mismmo and simply said “I want to be able to place this product correctly. Is it a styling product or is it living in your leave in category?” The reason for these questions were because this product does not feel like a styling product. To me it feels like a conditioner acting like a styling product. Almost as if it were a modern hybrid of a product.

Her response “It is a gel with out the bad stuff. Then she proceeded to tell me how she recommends coarser textures should use it.  I thanked her for bringing me into her world. This product has reconnected me to my curls. Since cutting 8 inches off Its been an experience with lots of emotional days. However BounceCurl immediately has made the days a lot easier. Needless to say GUYS GO GET YOU SOME OF THIS PRODUCT. You really will not regret  receiving that small white box in the mail.

   No I haven't forgotten of course I still want to answer the early on questions. Lets go back to the package. At the begining I said "let me count the ways 1,2 skip a few 99 almost 100. It wasn't 100 for me because of packaging.


The Package:  I love black and white so right away I was drawn to it. However the picture of the curly girl while its pretty and it’s a brand picture its also limiting. Does this picture mean it's only for this type of curl? Or am I goin to look like that if I use your product. What is this picture saying? For me presentation is missing certain elements.

  Brand labelLove the name BounceCurl and the name of the product "Light Creme Gel",  with that I would have love to see more of a description . The bottle tells us what the name of the product is, but how does that translate to what it does?  Ive always found reading what it does right off the bat or in front underneath the label is eye candy.  For example Light Crème Gel for Long lasting and High definition curls or something like that. Don't misunderstand guys there is a description  written in the back of the bottle. But its in the back not the front.

 The free of: Many companies make the mistake of bringing attention to what the products do not contain,  before highlighting the positive and benefits of the product. While knowing that the product is free of what has gotten a bad rep. such as parabens and sulfates or even silicones is important.  What is extremely important are the  goodies inside the product . First positive and then the other stuff.

The Scent: I absolutley 100% love the scent it's gentle enough and for me very nostalgic and reminiscent of my childhood. My visits to Puerto Rico.

 The directions:  This I will leave for another time.

 For now I will leave all of you with this,


Dear BounceCurl,

 Thank you for loving my curls as much as I love you. Using you has changed and inspired me . Thank you for accepting my thoughts and review on your product and I wish nothing but an expansion line of products for your Brand. When ever I test a product If it's made it to the Curlpop world I receive and forward  and when it doesn't I return to sender .So in conclusion  I have received you and you are on my forward list will not be returning to sender.


Stay Amazing,