There is always a trend that tends to stick out every month. Curl hawks however have been trending for many years. Every year the curl hawk evolves and gets a modern touch. I decided to take the challenge. In these curl hawks, I wanted not only for the natural texture of the hair to pop but also for the softness of it to compliment the look. In order to do that I had to create a distinct lines between partings or sections. Also each section has to be smoothed towards the center of the head.  This is actually the part of the curl hawk that becomes a trend. Smooth texture against natural curly texture. We see it in fabrics all the time, heck we even hear it in music when soft lyrics that are sung are in the middle of a rap song. If you utilize something that is completely opposite of each other, it makes for a flawless fusion and balance. Its what I like to call UNAPOLOGETICALLY natural.