Hi my curlpoppin loves , I wanted to introduce my core team . The first picture is me , Isabella Vazquez. Can you believe that I am the founder and CEO of Curlpop!!! Man oh man I say that with such pride and excitement  because this is a vision that I never thought possible.  This section right here though,  is definitely not about me. See these 2 ladies right after me? Well, that’s Sharra and Cassie who are officially the very first Curlpop Verified Stylist that I am putting a  ✔️ Check mark on! These 2 ladies have been apprenticing and working with me at Curlpop World a little over a year. They have worked so hard to not only refine their skills and to fine ways to create vibes that will help all you curly heads out there. They are a dope example at the salon and leaders . So right about now You are probably wondering how to get in contact with anyone of us. In order to book an appointment with me Isabella,  you have to send an email to appoinment@curlpopnhair.com or simply click on the “contact CurlPop’ page.  My team will lead you in the right direction. To book an appointment with  Cassie Or Sharra  you can book directly online.   Below you will find the website address. Thank you for stopping by on this page and of course stay Poppin !



visit website for online booking with Sharra or Cassie www.maggierosesalon.com

(appointment for Isabella are not booked at MaggieRose Salon)